"At Exploration Fitness, we combine our implicit knowledge of sports performance, natural health care and adventure travel to bring you a healthy, unforgettable and life altering journey that will provide a lifetime of storytelling."

This is your chance to discover a world like never before.  A moment in time where nothing else matters, except the exciting challenges and beauty that lie ahead. Your journey begins with the finest, adventure based personal training camp in the world, where you will be monitored, educated and motivated through sports performance training to prepare you for an adventure filled with white-water rafting, zip-lining, hiking, mountain biking, canyoning, rappelling, mountaineering and rock climbing. Our adventures are guided by industry leading adventure tour guides who will coach, excite and lead you throughout the most thrilling and safest adventure experience in the world.

This wonderful journey delivers ground breaking physical achievements, healthier lifestyles, incredible body transformations and adventures filled with unforgettable sceneries and challenges.

Our adventure experiences are where memories are made, lifestyles changed, friendships discovered and confidence built.  It is where cells phones, laptops, razor blades, hair gel and lipstick are put away!  This incredible journey is the Ultimate Adult Playground that we take great pride in providing, as it brings us closer to many great people through shared memories, achievements, happiness and ultimately, our client satisfaction.

Our organization strives to establish a community of people around the world, dedicated to getting healthy and living out their greatest adventures.  We keep our commitment to working only with partnerships that contribute to preserving the world's finest rivers and landscapes, along with supporting local farmers in all our adventure locations.


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