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Bachelor(ette) party adventure getaways you will remember
We have teamed up with Epoch Getaways to offer unique and memorable bachelor(ette) adventure getaways you’ll be talking about for an eternity. Travel across the world with your friends and family to partake in the world’s most astonishing adventures and build real memories. One of the greatest added perks is… we don’t charge you anything to plan your getaway, it’s FREE!

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All-Inclusive Bachelor(ette) Getaways

Experience an Epoch Send-Off You’re Sure to Remember

Planning a wonderful and memorable bachelor(ette) party requires a lot of time, effort and communication. That’s where we come in and help you enjoy this important time in your life without all the hassle. These adventure getaways are designed to fit the needs of bachelor(ette)’s who are looking for an Epoch Send-Off. From start to finish, we customize your itinerary to suit your groups needs perfectly. Each getaway offers everything from adventure thrills to rejuvenating wellness. You say it, we do it.

Did we mention that it’s FREE?

That’s right, we do not charge you anything to plan this incredible getaway. You simply pay for the tour and activities you have chosen without any party planning fees. Our way of sending you off with a BANG!


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“No Minimums. No Limits. Fully tailored getaways to give you the Epoch sendoff you deserve”


Azores, Portugal
Volcanic Adventure Sendoff
This amazing bucket-list island hop across the Azores is unimaginably beautiful. This program includes activities like canyoning and waterfall rappelling, hiking through Terceira Party Island and ascending to the top of a Volcano where you will stay overnight in the crater to witness the greatest sunrise in the world!
Aspen, Colorado
Rocky Mountain Getaway
Home to the elite and adventurous alike, Aspen is wildly considered the home of some of the best skiing in the world. With 4 world class mountains all in the same area, there is over 200,000acres of skiable terrain. It’s not just the winters that have made Aspen a world class travel destination, its stunning summers provide endless terrain for hiking, biking, golfing and more for the adventurous at heart.
Alaska, USA
Land of The Midnight Sun
Participants can enjoy 20 hours of sunlight with this adventure experience. As the sun never fully sets, this getaway provides endless adventures among the largest state and smallest populations in the USA. This once in a lifetime opportunity includes trekking and traversing some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.
South Island, New Zealand
Adventure Land of the Long White Cloud
Considered by many the most beautiful place in the world, the south island of New Zealand is a postcard in real life. With rolling hills nestled between towering mountains and over 100,000 waterfalls across the land, it’s easy to see why this untouched landscape is an adventure seeker’s paradise.
Various Wild West Locations
The Wild Western Retreat
We’re turning back the clock and setting the stage for your own cowboy/cowgirl adventure getaway. Ride your mustang across the land through a multi-sport adventure. Experience things like cattle ranching, horseback camping, goat mustering and bull riding! This western retreat is a true beauty for any getaway and speaks to the way it used to be.
Epoch . Adventure . Getaway


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  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do your ‘all-inclusive’ tours include international airfare?

    Our all-inclusive international adventure tours include accommodations, meals, activities and all local transportation. Since Adventure Travelers arrive from all over the world to begin these tours, it’s not possible to include international airfare in our prices. However, we’d be happy to help you arrange your flights. Just ask for an ‘air quote’ when making your booking.

    Can you help arrange my travel visas?

    Currently, none of our available tours require travel visas, which makes things easier. However, if any of our upcoming tours destination require visas, we will help arrange your travel visa and provide you all the necessary resources and instructions upon booking your tour. From start to finish, our team of experts are hand-on, every step of the way.

    What is the most appropriate type of luggage to bring and what should I pack?

    Travel light and move fast is our motto. Having said that, the way our tours have been designed, you will not have to worry about getting stuck carrying suitcases on and off buses and trains. Furthermore, we provide you with a comprehensive preparation and packing list of everything you need to know and bring for each adventure tour. Simply click on the ‘Preparation and Packing List’ link to download the information.

    What clothing should I pack for one of your adventures?

    We always recommend packing as light as possible however the specific requirements for your tour will vary widely depending on where and when you are traveling. Our ‘Packing List’ document includes a suggested packing list and these can be downloaded from each individual trip summary page. The checklist is tour specific and based upon the experience of our expert staff.

    Do we require vaccinations for any of your adventures?

    Currently, none of our tours require vaccination. However, if any of our upcoming tour destinations require vaccinations, we will provide that information and resources to you upon inquiry. Please note: It is important that you receive the most accurate and up-to-date travel health information for the region you will be visiting. The only one qualified to provide you with this advice is your family physician or a specialist from a Travel Health clinic.

    How many people can join a tour?

    We keep our group sizes low so that you get more personal attention from our adventure guides. Group sizes range from 8 to 16 participants. This intimate size ensures that your group will not crowd your experience.

    What are the age restrictions on your tours?

    To travel independently you must be at least 18 years of age. There are no upper age limits for our tours as we provide an initial assessment to rule out any pre-existing medical conditions or physical injuries that may prevent your participation. The minimum age required to participate in our adventures ranges from 12 to 14 years of age when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian (maximum of 2 children per adult).

    I’m a single traveller, will I be charged a single supplement?

    Most of our trips do not have a single supplement. This means that the accommodation is on a twin share basis and, if you are travelling on your own, you will be sharing a room with another G Adventures traveller of the same sex. Some tours have an optional single supplement or rarely a mandatory single supplement.

    An optional service that may be available is called “My Own Room”. This service allows solo travellers to request their own private room while on tour. The cost and the details vary by trip, so please contact our office for more details.

    Can I change my hotel accommodation?

    Some of our destinations do not include hotel rooms but rather tree houses and cave camps. So, if you prefer a specific tree house, I’m sure we can accommodate! For destinations with hotels, they are not available for change, as they are included in the set itinerary.

    Can I join a tour late or leave it early?

    It’s extremely difficult if not impossible to join a tour after it has begun. It is possible to leave a tour early, however, you will be responsible for your own arrangements from the moment you decide to leave the tour. You would also be responsible for all costs associated with joining a tour late or leaving one early. If you feel this may be necessary please contact our Travel Specialist before booking your tour.

    Is local transportation included?

    We provide the easiest way to adventure travel by assuring that all your local transportation within your trip itinerary will be covered. You will be responsible for all costs related to personal transportation not included in your itinerary (i.e.; transit or taxis on your free time).

    Who are my travelling companions?

    For privacy reasons we cannot provide you with advance details on your traveling companions. Our tours appeal to a wide range of travellers, most of whom are health conscious and share an adventurous spirit.

    What does your sustainable and healthy brand mean to my trip experience?

    Our brand of ‘Adventure Travel, Only Healthier.’, means that the locations you will travel to will be filled with natural, untouched landscapes. Our support for local farming in each of our destinations guarantees that the food you will be consuming is fresh, local and natural. Our physically healthy tours allows us to participate in activities every day, with minimal if no sight seeing – which you are welcomed to do on your free time instead of joining our ‘yoga downtime’. We strive to provide trips that make you feel stronger, enlightened, humbled, clear headed and more energized upon your return.

    Can I book extra nights of hotel accommodation before or after my tour?

    Yes, in most cases we can arrange additional accommodation at our starting or ending hotels. Our tours are also located in locations where you can easily plan an extended getaway. Please contact our office for more details about extended stay information.

    Is tipping included and if not, how much should I budget?

    Tips are not included in the tour price. Since our adventure tours are all-inclusive, we recommend tipping at about 5% of the cost of your trip.

  • All Fields Are Required

    Which service are you inquiring about?

    Are you interested in a consultation with our team?

    If so, choose one of our locations

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